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PMD Esports Gaming

Camarillo, CA

A new gaming experience coming soon to a #PizzaManDans near you.


PMD Esports Gaming

2390 Las Posas Rd
Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 658-6666

Opening Hours

*** Coming Soon ***

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Gaming @ PizzaMan Dan's

  1. Log into a computer onto “PMDuser”. You will not need a password.

  2. Choose a folder to access games to play:

    1. Free account required​

      1. This folder is for games that you need to have an account for, however you can play these games without purchasing anything.​

      2. We also provide a steam server that allows you to access pre downloaded games through our licenses. This is only available through the “steam service” so you must sign in using your personal steam account. You can also make a free steam account if you don’t already have one. ​

    2. Paid account required​

      1. This folder is for games that you need to have your own copy of the game for. We do not have copies to hand out for these games.​

    3. Play on our account​

      1. This folder is for games we have an account for, there is no sign in required. You may download any game under the “xbox game pass”​


How to Join our Contests

  1. Get a clip of your best moment in the game of the contest

  2. Post your clip to your story on Instagram

  3. Tag us in your post @pizzamandans

  4. Wait for the announcement of results

Play Call of Duty Warzone

  1. Go to the website

  2. Download the Launcher

  3. Create a free account

  4. Find “Call of Duty Warzone” on the launcher

  5. Download the game

  6. Launch the game

  7. You may need to create another free account through Activision

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